Falling within, a drop in the water Lost in the sea, amongst all the others. To hold a place here...Chasing a dream. Of who we are to be. Oh but here we are, apart to this charade. Fitted in to our place to play. There's a marker upon the wall to signify All the time... Continue Reading →


Running Thin

Ask the question would you? It won't lead you anywhere. Now the line that's in the sand, Separates all that you can't. We're always searching, Always looking for an answer. So play the riddles back again, Maybe we'll figure it out this time. I feel I've come back 'round here again These years I've been... Continue Reading →

Down a Little Further

First I'd like to say hello, I feel as though I'm not here. I'm somewhere left behind. Feeling the weight pulling down, Somewhere far below this. Lost behind the words unspoken. So tell me if you hear me. I'm out here talking to myself starting to have trouble hearing. Anything but silence There's something in... Continue Reading →

Masquerade (Play the Charade)

Play the Charade, masquerade in the thoughts - Oh but whose to blame? Here to remain... Well indifference is the game we all play - Not alive but insane, tempting our claims to be.  Well tell me what's a matter now, so bitter now they say Sometimes all that remains, are the strings we're all... Continue Reading →

Cling to Be

Pull onto this cord that holds you - So fragile on this ride we try to brave Hold on tight save to break apart from This nothingness to which you cling. And so here I am, Grasping on to what feels like something - More than what I seem to find. Sinking in this hole... Continue Reading →


I'm seeing threads and lines, these penciled drawings Through the lens upon my eyes Forming ties between the thoughts I'm having, Breaking down these times. Let's bring it back again, Drop this disillusioned dream to be. Needled threads, we're pulling strings Watching all the colours fading. So come on step in line, queue the circus... Continue Reading →

Out The Same

Return to the moment lost of it's pride In quakes from beneath the surface to hide below. In all of these feelings, I'm desperate to remain here Calm, but I've... Faltered the spirit, weakened the fire, Now burning up the last of this courage I've managed to find. Oh just breath it in and out... Continue Reading →

Through to the Otherside

Here aside from this feeling These thoughts from a distance Hang for a moment beside me All this time lost, wandering Searching for something inside this  I can't help but try to understand Below this lies a question I've...  A moment beside all this, thinking Lost and detached, still breathing Here but I don't know... Continue Reading →


There's a feeling I've been experiencing. An almost euphoric moment, that comes in waves and leaves the same. There's something bigger to it -- larger than myself and while good, in a way it scares me. It's something I don't think I can meet, I haven't reached the point in which I can answer it.... Continue Reading →

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